Virtual Service Advisor

Hello, I’m Mark.  My professional background is a mix of automotive service, information systems and business management  I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs; business owners in various sectors of the automotive industry, mostly relative to automotive service.  My father owned a repair shop and my mother ran a drive-line manufacturing business.  I have owned and operated a cradle to grave Information Technology management company.

What is an automotive service advisor?  An automotive service advisor is the person you work with at your repair facility to manage maintenance and repairs of your vehicle(s). Your advisor should be keeping you up to date on factory recalls, maintenance and repairs managing the process to get you back in your vehicle as quickly as possible.  Service advisors work for the repair facility and are usually paid based on commissions for the maintenance and repairs they sell to you.  Their motive is based on their income and your needs are often not their priority.  That’s why it isn’t uncommon for you to hear people say that they were taken advantage of or “ripped off” in some way by their automotive repair facility.

What is a Virtual Service advisor (VSA)?  A VSA does all of the same things mentioned above.  The main difference is how they get paid.  A VSA does not get paid commissions, ever.  Their primary motive is, on the contrary, saving you money.  In the process, they may also save you time, frustrations and help to keep your vehicle on the road more than in the shop.  They work for you.

Take a moment to view the other pages in this site which explain the problems and situations you might face while trying to get your vehicle serviced, and how a VSA addresses them.  For more information, or to speak with Mark, complete the following contact form.